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Jul 19, 2021

Are you afraid to take up space, specifically the space ON TOP OF another person? Join us as we talk about sitting on laps and why we think we aren’t allowed. Do women have to be smaller and daintier than our partners? Why do we even want to? Who says we can't sit where we want (consensually of course)? 

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Jul 12, 2021

What have your fears kept you from doing? Join us as we discuss whether our fear keeps us safe or keep us away from really cool things.

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Producers: Tresla Friedrick (@curvykimchi), Guru Shabd Khalsa (@grrshubz)

Jul 5, 2021

Why does wearing a swimsuit scare you? Why are swimsuits so physically, emotionally, and financially challenging? Join us as we talk about our journeys through buying swimwear and why you shouldn't hide your body. Your body deserves to be comfortable and feel pretty at the beach!

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