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Sep 23, 2018

What if getting to know people sincerely, meant being honest with yourself and everything you want?If we quit trying to guess what other people expect from us, we might have better relationships. 

Dick pics, people etiquette, people pleasing, obligation, and for some reason hot dog slicers?



Sep 17, 2018

Are you dating, trying to date, wanna date, are confused to date, basically you don't know how to put a profile together or where to start? What if there were guidelines and a vetting process to help us start looking in the right direction? 

Dating, vetting, authenticity, photos, and for some reason hiking...a lot of...

Sep 16, 2018

Sometimes despite all of our work we get hit with rough stuff. How do we get through this? Is the way we are thinking about our future making it harder for us to get there? We've been there, you should listen to us, *wink wink.*

Jealousy, bad news, doctors, manipulative sales people and for some reason the game of...

Sep 3, 2018

Commercials are all around us - what are we absorbing from them? What do they tell us about our worth and bodies? They want us to to buy stuff, but do they have to be so mean about it?

Yelling, being fixed, something's wrong, glorifying thin, and for some reason unicorn princesses?

Tresla: @curvykimchi

Guru Shabd:...